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Economical Localization
  Bring back black money.  
Revaluate exchange rate.
Black money conversion.
Cancel G.A.T.T. Agreement.
Abolish slavery taxes.
Ban zero technology products.
Reservation for cottage, rural and S.S.I.
Decentralization of heavy industries.
Production by Masses.
Export of surplus Items only.
Ban on Importing Goods.
Ending of export of meat.
Processing of agricultural produce.
80% Villages Industry be financed.
Producing every item being imported.
Impose Tax on Riches at local level.
Only technical collaboration.
Traditional industries and professions.
Encouragement to "SWANAND" quality.
Training to unemployed.
Political Localization
Educational Localization
Agricultural Localization
Health Localization
APPEAL to Patriotic Workers
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No any high technology is required to produce zero technology items such as soft drinks, tooth paste, soap, fast foods, potato chips, cosmatics and food items. All these can be manufactured with simple technology. Such simple technology is widely available in our country. So it is essential to boycott all foreign companies working in this field and confiscate their property without giving any compensation. In fact multinational companies heavily exploit the country in such items. Soft drink bottles costing 70 paise is sold at 10 rupees. Toothpaste costing 2 rupees is sold at 27 rupees. Potato chips made from potatoes costing only 25 rupees is sold at 370 rupees per kg. Multinational companies acquire the all India market of such zero technology product by TV advertising and spending crores of rupees. Once they create the market, they rob the entire country by charging extra ordinary heavy prices of such items. All these multinational companies produce the good on automatic machinery. So millions of peoples loose their jobs also. So we are being robbed in every way. Multinational companies exploit and take away billions of rupees. We should not tolerate the situation in which our plenty of wealth is drained into foreign countries which ultimately results into impoverisation. So all the properties of these companies must be confiscated immediately and all such companies should be driven out of the country. This is the cherished goal of Azadi Bachao Andolan.

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