In England in 1966 Monopolo commission found that the Uniliver (Hindustan Liver) spend more than 30% of its total budget on advertisement. The biggest cold drink making company Coco Cola try that how to produce a thirst for cold drinks in every human in the world .Famous American writer Bobhall said that in the history of humanity this is the biggest after the pyramids of eygpt in which this huge ammount of human energy is used in selling a product . In 1990 some of the companies spent huge ammount of money on advertisement . General motors spent 16000 core, Proctor and Gamble spent 14400 core, Philip moris company spent 13800 core on advertisement.

Every year Rs 400 core royalty is given against the technology given by the different countries of the world.But did they really gave this technology to us. We will see now which country has given which technology to us.

01. Salt Switzerland
02. Clothes for children Nitherland
03. Chocklet Britain
04. Soft drink America
05. Glass utensils America, Belgium
06. Ballpoint Pen Switzerland
07. Umbrella Japan, Taiwan
08. Plastic utensils Britain
09. Bags Britain
10. Seats of cars Japan
11. Ornaments Canada
12. Needles Switzerland
13. Bottles of plastic Britain, America
14. Sports cap Canada
15. Chewing gum South Korea, Britain
16. Chips America
17. Knife Nitherland
18. Artificial flowers America
19. Gas lighter Spain
20. Fast Food Nitherland, America
21. Pillow France
22. Hand Bag America
23. Lipstick America